Upcoming Event

We are pleased to inform you that like each year we already started planning for our biggest event – “Dress Distribution” before Durga puja. We would like to invite you all to join this event and make our mission successful in all aspects.

In short we have highlighted the following point –
A. Sponsorship request.
B. Need volunteers for this event
C. Donation

Point A:

Every year we see many of our member sponsors new dresses, so it will be better if we do the same sponsorship program with proper planning, means we if we know the count and dress type of sponsor items in prior. Then on the basis of this we can estimate our rest of dresses count those we will buy.

We are attaching our estimation of dresses of all categories. Like Kids, boys, girls, elders etc. Please go thru this attachment and let us know if you are planning to sponsor dresses among these.

Point B:

Based on work types we can divide dress distribution event in the following categories:

Buying Dresses
Marking and Wrapping dresses category wise
Distribute dresses
Voluntary work timings and dates will be fixed by our project leads based on the volunteers’ availability.

Point C:

Any amount of donation is gladly accepted in our organization, your small amount of donation can bring a big smile on the pale faces of under privileged children.

Click the below links to know more about donations:


Click here to see pictures of this year Dress Distribution (Phase I & II)

Contact us for all above on: +918450833083

Please click here to see few pictures of Dress Distribution 2018

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to call, we would be happy to discuss for the betterment of this event.

We will start buying dresses at the end of this month or the beginning of August.

Important Note: No lower limit is set for sponsor dress count or donation amount.

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