Education for Life – 2015

In March and September Agamani got a chance to serve the most needy students of our society through Education for Life initiative underChildCareAndDevelopment (CCD) project. We provided EducationalSupport to the following schools- (Total number of students in the schools are written in the right side)
Ø > Malekan Ghumti Madhyapara Junior High School
Ø > Malekan Ghumti Madhyapara F.P. School
Ø > Jogeshganj Adarsha Junior High School
Ø > Sridhar Khati Paschim Para High School
Ø > Another 2 students are helped outside the above schools (1 in Sundarban and 1 in Kolkata)

Educational Accessories provided- Khata, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Scale 7. Protractor, Compass, Pencil Bag, Water Bottle, Chatra Bandhu, WallMounted State Map, National Map, World Map, posters of English and Bengali Alphabets and Pictures Of Human Anatomy.

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