Agamani is totally funded by donations on a purely non-profit basis. So every little contribution of yours counts enormous for us. The intention of your donation, not the scale, matters the most for us.

1. OFFLINE – If you are staying in Kolkata or surrounding areas and want to work for a noble cause, join us by fill up the “Request as Volunteer” form in the website.
2. ONLINE – If you are staying outside, don’t worry. You can help us from there too.

A. Blog writing – If you are blogger, write about Agamani in your blog. It will show your support for us as well as attract other likeminded people. Simultaneously you can mail us the same along with link.

B. Fund raising – Be a fund raiser in your location to support our projects. At first fill up the “Request as Volunteer” form in the website, kindly mention “Fund raiser” in the comment box. After that we will contact you, guide you and support you by all possible ways.

C. Social media awareness – Give few minutes to spread the mission of Agamani in the social media. In Facebook, at first LIKE our page, then Like and Share our posts on daily basis. In Twitter, at first FOLLOW us, then Favourite and Retweet our tweets.

D. Share your ideas – If you have any good idea which can bring positive changes in our projects or help us in fund raising, please email us.


Well Wisher
We know it is not always possible for you to help us physically or financially. But your good wishes will definitely help us to serve better.You can send your good wishes by-
1. Text message @ +91 8450833083
2. WhatsApp @ +91 8450833083
3. Email @
4. Facebook @vijaya.agamani
5. Twitter tag @VijayaAgamani
6. Website @ Contact Us

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