Health Checkup & Awareness Camp
It is the Medical Unit of Agamani, dedicated to late Soumyadip Roy (6 Jan, 1987-6 Sep, 2010), one of the visionaries whose dedication for social work influenced many youths. Previously it used to act separately, but on his 26th birthday (6 January, 2013) it was merged with Agamani.
Our primary goal of this project is to improve the overall health condition of a particular area by providing health checkup and awareness camp on regular basis.
So we select a remote village named Bajitpur in Baduria (North 24 Pgs) and started health checkup and awareness camp since February, 2016. We got a very positive response from the patients unexpectedly. Most of the patients over there are financially weak and there is no such Hospital nearby. We were able to organize two health checup programs till now and planning to organize such programs on quarterly basis in the whole year.
We have approx 200 patients in that village.

Service provided:
1. General health check up
2. Blood pressure measurement
3. Blood sugar estimation (for elders)
4. Doctor consultation
5. ECG for required patients
6. Providing some essential medicines
7. Diet chart for Hypertensive and Diabetic patients
8. Advice on low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain etc

Medicine provided to all patients.

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