Dress Distribution
Our first step towards spreading happiness among the under-served started with dress distribution to street children during the festive season (i.e. Durga Puja, biggest festival of West Bengal) in 2011. Each year since then we have been distributing new dresses among the underprivileged people of the society.
The motive of this project is to give them happiness by their participation and make the festival for all.
Past Activities:

2011- Agamani started its journey with this project in 2011 during festive season (September-October). We successfully distributed around 400 new dresses among children and others, most of them resides in the footpath or in the railway station of Kolkata, India. Few new sarees also given to homeless women, who spends night under open sky.
There is free primary school beside bypass, Kolkata. Agamani handed over school uniforms to the school children as their requirements.
Area covered- Rajarhat, Nagerbazar, Dumdum station, Ultodanga, VIP road, Sinthi, Sealdah, College street, Rash behari avenue etc.

2012-In 2012 also AGAMANI successfully distributed more than 500 new dresses among the street inhabitants of Kolkata, India, mostly among children. New sarees and fatuas are also given to the elderly and physically and mentally challenged.

Area covered-Dumdum Airport, Dumdum Station, Nager Bajar, Shyambajar, Khanna, Hedua, Sealdah Station, Beliaghata, Rajabajar, Burrabazar, Howrah Bridge, Belur, Dakhineshwar, Esplanade, Rabindra Sadan, Bhawanipur and Hazra etc.

2013- During the Pujas we distributed over 500 new dresses among the street children, elderly, and physically/mentally challenged people. A glimpse of the smiling faces of whom we serve is all that we work for.
Area covered- Airport, Nagerbazar, Dumdum station, Hatibagan, Hedua, Kestopur, VIP road, Khanna, Manicktala, Shyambazar, Sealdah, Gariahat, Selimpur etc.

2014- In Phase-1, Agamani succcessfully handed over more than 300 new dresses among the underprivileged people of our society, specially among little brothers and sisters.
Approximately 400 new dresses were distributed in Phase-2 to make more smiley faces of the kids in the festive season. In this phase mostly Middle and South Kolkata are covered.
Area covered- Nager Bazar, Dumdum Road, Dumdum station, Bagbazar, Moulali, Park Circus, Rashbehari Avenue, Chetla, Deshpriya Park, Rabindra Sarobar etc.

Agamani is on the 5th year of Dress Distribution among Street dwellers of Kolkata and suburban areas before Durga Puja. Children are our main focus, so 85% dresses for them, rest are for others. This year, we distributed around 850 new dresses. New dresses were distributed among roadside people in three phases.
Hope it will make “Festival For All” by their active participation. Their smile and happiness is our driving force.
Area Covered– Hatibagan, Hedua, Dumdum Road, Dumdum station, Rashbehari Avenue, Chetla, Deshpriya Park, Rabindra Sarobar, Bagbazar, Moulali, Park Circus etc.

Ma belongs to everyone, yet there are some who are left isolated from these festivities. Their only fault – they were born poor and continue to live a miserable life. Even if they wish to, their poverty does not allow them to integrate with the celebrations of the Durga puja. They stand as strangers as they watch others laughing and rejoicing the spirit of Durga puja, knowing well that they will never experience those moments. We have distributed over 1000 new dresses this year.
Area Covered– Airport, Nager bazar, Dumdum, Vivekananda road, Hedua, Shimla, Burrabazar, Mallick Ghat Fulbazar, Strand road, Amher Street, Maniktala, Bagbazar, Nimatala, Shyambazar, Gariahat, Goal park, Rashbehari, Tallygunj, Moulali etc.

Festivals call for celebrations. The people of the city get dressed in new clothes, exchange gifts and enjoy Ma Durga’s homecoming.
Hope it will make “Festival For All” by their active participation. Their smile and happiness is our driving force.
Area Covered
Phase 1(26th Aug, 17): Bagmari, Ahmerst Street, Hedua, Jorabagan, Shyambazar etc
Phase 2(9th Sept, 17): Rajabazar, Moulali, CIT Road, Gariahat, Rashbehari, Tallygunj, Ballygunj station etc
Phase 3(23rd Sept, 17): Airport, Nagerbazar, Dumdum Station, Burrabazar, khanna, Mallick Ghat Ful bazaar, Strand Road, Nimtala, Khanna.

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