Our Recent Activity

COVID-19 Relief Work
Presently four main activities are under this project are as follows-
1. Mask Distribution
2. Sanitizer Distribution
3. Food Items and Personal Hygiene Products Distribution
4. TeleMedicine Consultation

Mask Distribution:
Wearing mask is one of the most important measures to stop the spread of Corona virus along with hand washing and quarantine. As vegetable sellers, rickshaw pullers are the persons who have come in contact with every persons of the locality. So, there is high chance of acquiring and transmitting COVID-19 through them. So, we started distribution of surgical mask among them in the area of Baguiati, Jagatpur of Kolkata, India.

Sanitizer Distribution:
Production of Alcohol based hand Sanitizer is in progress, we are planning to distribute total 50 liter sanitizer in Health Centers and among general people on road.

Food Items and Personal Hygiene Products Distribution:
We started distributing food items among the people those are mostly from below the poverty level.
Food Packet consists of the following items:
1. 2 kg Rice
2. 1 kg Potato
3. 500 gm Pulses
4. 200 gm Mustard Oil
5. Soyabean packet

TeleMedicine Consultation:
During this unprecedented situation of lockdown in India due to COVID-19 outbreak, our dear countrymen face difficulties to reach the healthcare facilities. So, people are worried about the health of them and their family members. So, Agamani, being a nonprofit charity organization of Kolkata, is arranging tele consultations with some great doctors to help you out during this hard time free of cost.

For details – http://www.agamani.org/telemedicine/

Any #DOCTOR wants to VOLUNTEER, Please WhatsApp us 8450833083.

#DONATE – http://www.agamani.org/donate-online/

For More Information,
Contact/ WhatsApp: +91 8450833083
Email ID: contact@agamani.org
Website: www.agamani.org

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