Agamani Shiksha
An Initiative by Vijaya Agamani Foundation for promoting free education to needy students, by helping them to choose, prepare and build a career. We are committed to provide overall development of a student and guidance to students for various career options.
At Agamani Shiksha, we are committed to provide guidance to students for various competitive examinations. As part of our endeavor in their career preparation, we also provide mentorship program. .


a. Santanu Ghosh
b. Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh
c. Shubhankar Jana
d. Sandipan Maity
e. Satyananda Pallui
f. Dr. Amartya Hatua


The course structure is designed to help the students in competitive exams. In exam, students may face questions from various subjects, broadly categorized as the following –
In website, each of the above subjects are covered, and each subject is further divided into chapters.

a. Quantitative & Math:

There are 6 parts and 30 chapters in this subject. Each chapter has several topic videos.
Chapter List

b. Verbal & English:

Coming Soon

c. Current Affairs:

We will provide month wise compilation of important current affairs, taken from various sources.

Topics will cover-
#Science and Technology
#Important International news
#Relation with neighbours
#Internal security etc.

Current affairs is a vast field, so candidates are recommended to follow at least one more resource regularly (newspapers like Hindu, Indian Express etc. or any other monthly compilation). While reading the news students should understand the meaning of key terms (we tried to underline those). Understanding level will vary from person to person, so you should google about the concepts/terms to get more clarity.
Chapter List

d. Logical Reasoning:

There are broadly 22 chapters in this subject. Each chapter has several topic videos and pdf. To know about the detailed syllabus and chapter list, click here.
Chapter List

e. Computer Education:

Coming Soon

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